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Restoring Cars - It's A Serious Undertaking


It's a serious undertaking when you restore a car, the biggest part of it is to be prepared for anything, if your doing it yourself then make sure that you have a good system for cataloging the parts that come off of the car that your doing, and be prepared for the un foreseen, it's a lot of work and a lot more time, it never a quick venture.

Make sure that you really love the car that your restoring, because if you don't it will probably get boring and monotonous, and that is the last thing you want to happen, this is how people end up with half done projects, and cars that they hate, be prepared with the money that you'll need to do the project, and it won't be just a little bit either, it will be a considerable investment of time and money.

Don't fall in to the old trap of thinking that the car is in good condition because of what it looks like on the outside, this can be very deceiving, be sure to look at everything from the inside out, most cars have a lot of hidden work that's not seeable from the outside, so be sure to open the trunk and look at the floor of it, pull up the front carpet just a bit and look at the main floor board of the car.

On the out side look for bubbles in the paint on the car, this usually indicates that the paint has rust underneath it, look real hard at the rocker panels of the car, and around the rear wheel wells, and always look under the wheel wells at the rear outer wheel well, open the hood and look at the engine compartment for rust, and bad wiring, these are tell tail signs that the car will need a considerable amount of work to make it drivable.

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