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Shelby Mustangs - Everlasting Allure


Shelby Mustangs are legendary are they are known amongst true fans as classics that can never be duplicated. They were the first "muscle cars," the first street racing cars that got young men's blood boiling everywhere. They were the beginning of the sports car and unfortunately, only 14,559 of them were made in the six year span that Carroll Shelby modified Ford Mustangs.

Shelby's dream was to give the Mustang a new look, a face lift in a way. And once he got a hold of it, it was never the same. One of the major changes it went through was the engine. Shelby gave it a huge engine, making the new and improved Mustang one of the fastest and potentially, most dangerous on the road.

The first Shelby Mustang, the GT350, appeared in 1965 and was painted white with the classic parallel blue stripes. It was essentially a race car with few comfort amenities. It wasn't until the 1967 model that this car actually received a back seat! It was that year, in fact, that Shelby decided to dress up his creations and tone down the racing element a bit. The result was the GT500, which was a perfect blend of mean racing machine and stylish street vehicle. The GT500KR (King of the Road) appeared in 1968 and quickly became a favorite amongst fans. Many enthusiasts today view the KR as the most powerful Mustang ever produced.

Today, many Shelby Mustangs have survived, but they need extensive restoration to ever look like they did in their glory days. The rare "barn" finds are few and far between. But, for those that have somehow stumbled upon a Shelby Mustang stored pristinely for some thirty plus years in a rural barn somewhere, the find is unbelievably sweet.

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